FAIRFIELD Soft & ToastyTM Natural Cotton Batting - 114 x 152cm (45″ x 60″)

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Soft & ToastyTM batting is the perfect 100% natural cotton quilt batting for all of your quilts and crafts. You will get the same strength and warmth you expect from similar battings at a very affordable price. You can use it to create everyday quilts and crafts or award-winning masterpieces with confidence. Low loft, 3 oz. per square yard. Quilting distance: 2″ - 4″. Ideal batting for clothing.

Wholesale supplier: https://www.hakidd.com/product.php?iproductid=20091045

Fairfield Batting Summary: https://www.hakidd.com/adm/documents/Fairfield_BattingSummary.pdf

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